Registered in Maine, Connecticut & New York

Frank, where do you live?
On the coast of Phippsburg, Maine.

Describe your home:
It is a small shingle style/contemporary home with emphasis on green construction.

What do you love about where you live?
The coast is said to be where all life began continues to be full of life, energy and vitality.

What is a source of Inspiration:
The natural world around me continues to inspire me.

What is your design philosophy?
Architecture must uniquely fit its place and client. The magic is not in contexturalism, style, or specific construction, but rather in fitting its particular place. Each new work begins as a blank piece of paper with as few preconceptions as possible. It is a birth.

What is your favorite element of a project?
The creative process.

Where did you study and how long have you been in practice?
The University of Cincinnati and a short time at the Far Eastern Language Institute of Yale University. In practice for 34 years�33 in Connecticut and 1 year in Maine.

What are your favorite books?
"Man & His Symbols" C.G.Jung and "The Power of Myth" by Bill Moyers.

Where was a recent vacation?
Brittany coast of France & Paris.

Do you have a favorite building?
The TWA air terminal at Kennedy Airport, NYC by Eero Saarinen.

Describe a perfect day:
Going for a long sail and spending the rest of the day with my wife, children and grandchildren doing anything at all.

I strongly believe:
Good design isn�t synonymous with high cost.

Who would be your dream client?
Anyone willing to think beyond normal paradigms.

Have you designed or plan to design any products?
I will be designing and building several pieces of furniture for our new residence in Maine with no plans to go public with them.

What would your vocation be if you weren�t an Architect?
A furniture designer & builder.

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